Strange Shadows, the latest EP from Nightcrawler is a sonic tale of terror full of dark atmospheres. Inspired by the Italian Giallo & Horror cinema of the eighties,  it contains 5 original tracks plus 4 remixes from Umberto, Alessandro Parisi, OGRE and Profondo Delle Tenebre. 

Listening to Strange Shadows, it’s easy to imagine some grizzled police detective or private investigator drinking, smoking, and probably fighting his way to the truth through a fury of hard-hearted prostitutes, soulless gangsters, and politicians with coke-stuffed nostrils. It’s like a classic film noir co-directed by Brian De Palma and David Lynch, starring Tom Waits, and written by an android fused with the personalities of Philip K. Dick and Raymond Chandler.


The hooky lead keyboard parts combined with fuzzy grim undertones almost leave you feeling as if you're being pursued by the music itself. The tracks bare distant resemblance to some of John Carpenters earlier scored work and his classic fear provoking synth soundtracks of the 1980’s. Nightmarish samples partnered with the tangled sounds of a female in distress, pull no punches in elevating tension and hurling your heart rate into overdrive. 


‘Strange Shadows’ is heavily atmospheric and is a vast exploration of darker sounds. What's impressive about Nightcrawler is how his sound continues to evolve and that he refuses to remain stationary for too long. Instead he demonstrates perfectly how an artist can stay true to their sound and fan base, but at the same time still remaining fresh and progressive.


It’ll haunt your very existence, but in all the most redeeming ways.



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