Mark Of The Devil I & II (Original Motion Picture Picture Soundtracks) OWS09


Released July 2015 - IN PRINT

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One Way Static Records proudly presents: The Original Motion Picture Soundtracks to MARK OF THE DEVIL (AKA HEXEN) in the original MONO recording from 1970 and MARK OF THE DEVIL 2 in STEREO from 1973 composed & performed by MICHAEL HOLM with additional music from Don Banks, John Scott, Eddie Warner, Sam Sklair & Tony Tape. And all of this for the first time on vinyl!

One Way Static Records is thrilled to bring you their latest release, one where we had the chance to work with German composer Michael Holm.

Mark Of The Devil was released in 1970 and is certainly a film that has achieved a real cult status, it is notorious and known by many horror fans for being given the first ever ‘V’ for violence certificate (or was it a ‘V’ for vomit, since vomit bags were handed out at screenings of the film). A sequel was also produced in 1973, both soundtracks are featured here on this release.

Multi-talented German singer, musician, songwriter, producer and composer Michael Holm was hired to score Mark Of The Devil (released as ‘Hexen’ in Germany). Mr. Holm is primarily known as a singer of traditional German music, with an almost constant presence in the hit parade it is of no surprise that he is a million-copies selling artist who has been presented with gold records on several occasions during the seventies. Outside of Germany, he is best known for his work as a member of the new age band CUSCO along with Kristian Schultze. They produced 22 albums and semi-albums, and consistently charted near the top of the New Age charts. A long time artistic collaboration and private friendship also connects him with musician and producer Giorgio Moroder. As a duo, they released several singles together.

The musical score penned here by Michael Holm is surprisingly melodic for a horror movie, but also contains dramatic and atmospheric compositions. It has that sort of luxurious and haunting sound, very European and romantically slanted and maybe a little pop orientated. His trademark theme (Liebesthema) for this film was recently re-used in the 2011 flick ‘Hobo with A Shotgun’ featuring Rutger Hauer. Other use of his repertoire has been featured in the award-winning movie ‘Eight Miles High’ and a variety of international dramas and comedies.

The central theme evokes the feel of Riz Ortolani’s theme for ‘Cannibal Holocaust’, which ironically was only written ten years later. Even spaghetti westerns of the 1960s and 1970s written by composers such as Morricone and Bruno Nicolai come to mind when experiencing this album. Strings & the use of a spiteful and venomous Slavic sounding electric violin on this score (which literally scratches out the jagged and virulent variation of the romantic theme) has the effect of making the hairs on the back of your neck stand up. Almost in a similar fashion to that of composer Jerry Goldsmith in his more mischievous and threatening sections of GREMLINS and LEGEND.

The second soundtrack included on this release is MARK OF THE DEVIL II, which was released in 1973. The main music for this particular movie was the work of Don Banks, John Scott and Sam Sklair.

Don Banks of course is familiar to many via his marvelous scores for Hammer productions such as, THE MUMMY’S SHROUD, THE EVIL OF FRANKENSTEIN and the excellent work that he did on THE REPTILE and RASPUTIN.

John Scott too contributed some music for the score, Scott who is now a seasoned film music composer respected by many, began his career in film scoring as a composer by writing the music for another horror movie A STUDY IN TERROR, which was released during the mid 60s. John also had another career as being the legendary sixties producer who recorded several artists like Tom Jones, The Hollies, The Beatles, etc. John is also known for his saxophone work on films like ‘Goldfinger’ and several Henry Mancini projects. Mr. Scott won 3 Emmys through out his career.


Color Vinyl Edition

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These variants come sequentially foil numbered (2 series of /500).

Black Vinyl Edition

Classic Black Vinyl limited to #1000 copies worldwide. Comes with obi-strip & packaged in a deluxe gatefold old school tip-on jacket

Cassette Edition

Deluxe Cassette Tape. Limited # 300 copies worldwide with alternate artworks. #150 copies are packaged as a limited edition.

All versions come with extensive and exclusive liner notes from: Michael Holm, Jacques Sirgent, Uwe Huber, Michael Maien & Udo Kier.



01 Michael Holm Liebesthema (Title)
02 Michael Holm Hexerthema
03 Michael Holm Liebesthema (Vanessa Verliebt Sich)
04 Michael Holm Haut An Haut
05 Michael Holm Hexerthema / Liebesthema
06 Michael Holm Nachricht Vom Prinzen
07 Michael Holm Liebesthema (Das Grosse Glück)
08 Michael Holm Liebesthema (Überfall Auf Die Kutsche)
09 Michael Holm Hexerthema (Johannas Kinder)
10 Michael Holm Liebesthema (Der Erste Kuss)
11 Michael Holm Liebesthema (Vanessa Trifft Christian)
12 Michael Holm Liebesthema (Am Bach)
13 Michael Holm Liebesthema (Kuss In Freiheit)


14 Don Banks Chase Sequence
15 Don Banks Tense Moments
16 Don Banks Empty Buildings
17 John Scott Drama Heights
18 Eddie Warner Devastation
19 Sam Sklair Father Duffy
20 Sam Sklair Father Duffy (Alternate Version)
21 Tony Tape Space Station

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#500 Foil-numbered COKE BOTTLE GREEN VINYL
#1000 copies Black Vinyl
#150 cassettes (Limited Variant)
#150 cassettes (Regular Edition)