Nekromantik (Original expanded 1987 Motion Picture Soundtrack) OWS06

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Released March 2015 - OUT OF PRINT

One Way Static Records proudly presents: Jörg Buttgereit's 'NEKROMANTIK' (Original 1987 Expanded Motion Picture Soundtrack by DAKTARI LORENZ, HERMANN KOPP & JOHN BOY WALTON) for the first time as an expanded vinyl release.

One Way Static Records is thrilled to bring you their latest release, a release where we had the chance to work with German visionary Jörg Buttgereit and his trio of go-to composers: Daktari Lorenz, Hermann Kopp & John Boy Walton.

Jörg Buttgereit is a Berlin based writer and director known for his controversial movies. ‘Der Todesking’, ‘Schramm’ & ‘Hot Love’ are just a few of his exploits but the one that got the most attention and started of his career was no doubt ‘Nekromantik’ from 1987. Nekromantik is known to be frequently controversial, banned in a number of countries, and has become an international cult film over the years due to its transgressive subject matter (including necrophilia) and audacious imagery.

Daktari Lorenz, Hermann Kopp & John Boy Walton make up the holy trio of composers called upon by film maker Jörg Buttgereit. Between the three of them they produced some of the most haunting and beautiful tracks to be paired up with Buttgereit's controversial on-screen works of art.

The Nekromantik score displays the dynamic ability and range of the composers. It strikes a perfect balance of beauty, horror, joy and dissonance. The score is both minimalistic and hauntingly atmospheric at the core, and yet remarkably complex at the same time. A wide variety of instruments and sound effects are utilized throughout it’s making.

Kopp wastes no time displaying his mastery of the violin, which takes center stage, captivating the listener with his powerful, rhythmic, and beautiful solos. He also uses the violin to create some of the strangest tracks on the album, significantly slowing down the rhythm, creating an ominous, off-key droning sound. Kopp is no slouch on the piano either, with a number of beautiful piano interludes that appear throughout the score. In sharp contrast are the tracks which sound as if they are from an old school industrial album.

Harsh noise, clanging metal, pounding drums, synthesizers, and various sound effects come together to create a truly dark and desolate picture. The moog synthesizer, also makes a few appearances. This is an amazing collection of music that appeals to a wide variety of people.


Color Vinyl Edition

LIMITED EDITION COLOR VINYL packaged in a deluxe gatefold old school tip-on jacket with printed insert.

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These variants come sequentially foil numbered (2 series of /500).

Comes with a BONUS 7" EP containing five extra bonus tracks. Also included is a BONUS limited playable flexi postcard exclusive to the color vinyl edition. This postcard contains a cover of the Nekromantik theme by Norwegian Black Metal band Carpathian Forest.

Black Vinyl Edition

Classic Black Vinyl limited to #500 copies worldwide. Comes with obi-strip & packaged in a deluxe gatefold old school tip-on jacket with printed insert.

Comes with a BONUS 7" EP containing five extra bonus tracks.

Cassette Edition

Deluxe Cassette Tape. Limited # 300 copies worldwide with alternate artworks. #100 copies are packaged as a limited hand numbered edition.

All versions come with extensive and exclusive liner notes from: Manfred Jelinski, Jörg Buttgereit, Daktari Lorenz, Hermann Kopp & Franz Rodenkirchen.



01 Nekromantik
02 At Home
03 Ménage À Trois
04 Pas De Deux
05 Supper
06 Surprise


07 Deafmusic For A Grey Movie
08 Autopsy
09 Jellyface
10 Dream Surgery
11 Drunk
12 Sapor Sanguinus


13 Pas De Deux '91
14 Ménage À Trois (Monster Version)
15 Gardener
16 Nekromantik '91
17 Home (Domina Version)

BONUS FLEXI POSTCARD (Limited Edition Only)

18 Theme from Nekromantik (by Carpathian Forest)

Pressing Information

#500 Foil-numbered SPERM & BLOOD SPLATTER Vinyl
+ 7" EP & Flexi Disc Postcard

#500 Foil-numbered SMOKEY CLEAR Vinyl
+ 7" EP & Flexi Disc Postcard

#500 copies Black Vinyl + 7" EP

#100 cassettes (Limited Variant)
#200 cassettes (Regular Edition)